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Melanotan 2: Tanning for the Modern Age One of the buzzwords in the tanning world at this time is Melanotan 2. The majority of sites will call the drug Melanotan 2 but some also will call it The Barbie Drug. Melanotan 2 was created many years ago, but has experienced renewed interest in recent years. There is a lot of conflicting information on Melanotan 2, and with a little research, it is easy to learn more about this complex drug. Back in the nineties, scientists at the University of Arizona decided to manufacture a drug that could be used to help with skin cancer prevention for those at highest risk. In order to do this, they wanted to create a drug that would help protect those with lighter skin from the UV sun rays that typically are the cause for skin cancer. The body has a chemical that already does the same defensive job, so they altered that chemical to create an injectable version. By creating Melanotan 2, the scientists believed that they could help protect the skin of Melanotan 2 users by deepening the skin color at a faster rate, thus making it less susceptible to burns and sun damage. These days, Melanotan 2 is popular for being a sunless self-tanner. Because being tanned is popular today, Melanotan 2 is a popular product due to the richness of the tan it gives. The claim that Melanotan 2 protects against skin cancer is not completely proven, but some pharmacologists believe that it can work for that intended use. There are many laboratories that create Melanotan 2 that are located in a variety of countries. Scientist and labs then sell their product in web based storefronts to customers all over the world. When purchased over the internet, consumers typically receive the Melanotan 2 in glass vials, usually containing 10mg of the solution. Inside the vial is the Melanotan 2 solution that has been vacuum packaged for safety. In order to take the solution, the consumer will then mix the solution and use a needle to put it into the body, most commonly through the skin on the belly. Soon, the drug may also be able to be taken in pill form or in the form of a patch. After sitting in the tanning bed for a few hours, the Melanotan 2 will be activated within the body. The few hours in the tanning bed are all that is needed in the entire process, and will not need to be repeated in order to see results from the Melanotan. If there is a desire to continue with getting a deeper skin color, or if the tan is fading, a customer will just need to use more injected vials of Melanotan 2.
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Though it is disputed just how effective that Melanotan 2 is at helping protect against skin cancer, a lot of people believe it has given them great results. Melanotan 2 may be the right drug for you if you have been hunting for a sun-free tan that won’t turn your body orange.A Quick Overlook of Options – Your Cheatsheet